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<a href=''><b>Cerrone vs. Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding vs. The Bee Gees <br/>Outside Lover<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>Electric Light Orchestra vs. Katy Perry <br/>Kiss On The Tightrope<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>Cro vs. Pitbull ft. Lil Jon vs. Ying Yang Twins vs. Genesis vs. Jan Delay vs. Jason Derulo vs. ft. Snoop Dogg vs. Ludacris <br/>My Chick And Me Are Bad Dancer<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>Ke$ha vs. Blur <br/>Tik Tok Two<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>Loic Nottet vs. Chemical Brothers <br/>Go Rhythm Go<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>Avicii vs. Ben E. King <br/>Stand By Me, Waiting For Love<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>U2 vs. Years & Years <br/>King, With Or Without You<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>Alesso vs. Ellie Goulding <br/>Outside Heroes<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>Katy Perry vs. Rihanna <br/>Diamond Roar<br>»Watch it now«</a> <a href=''><b>Adam Lambert vs. Eagles <br/>Tequila Sunrise In A Ghost Town<br>»Watch it now«</a>

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Compilation: Summer Booty 2015

Compilation: 80′s Mashed Vol. 3

Compilation: La Masheillaise IV

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